Homebuyer’s Guide

Financing Information

If you’re considering purchasing a new home, but don’t know what steps to take we’re here to help! We have an in-house loan
officer that’s well-versed in the financing industry, and can help your family get qualified for the right loan, at the best
possible interest rate. When qualifying for a mortgage, it’s important that you bring the following documents
to help prepare your application:

Forms of Identification

Two forms of identification (DL, ID, Social Security Card, birth certificate, passport, etc.).

Bank Statements

Last two months of bank statements.

Paycheck Stubs

Last 30 days of paycheck stubs.


Last two years of W2’s.

Tax Returns

Last two years of tax returns.


DD214 if military.

Collect these documents, and come visit with us at our model home. We’ll be glad to review your status and help get
you qualified for a loan to begin building or buying your new home! View an informative video about our
construction process.

Our Construction Process

Step 1

Get pre-qualified

Once you get pre-qualified with our in-house loan officer, we’ll have a better understanding as to the amount you can spend on a new home. This will help when deciding floorplans, subdivisions, square footage, amongst just about everything else. That’s why it’s step 1!

Step 2


We have access to numerous subdivisions across the Rio Grande Valley, giving you a wide selection to choose from. Going with our lots helps you save in closing costs and interest payments, however, we can also build in any lot you already own.

Step 3

Design Process

Every single one of our homes are custom built to a families needs and tastes. We’ll work closely with you when designing your homes exterior space, as well as interior spaces from everything to the size of each room, to what goes into it: flooring, wall colors, light fixtures…EVERYTHING.

Step 4

Sign Contract/Specs

Now that we know where we’ll be building your home, and what you want it to look like we’ll begin finalizing the costs associated with building your home as well as sign contract/specs and send all paperwork for the interim construction loan – which usually takes between 3 to 4 weeks.

Step 5

Loan Closing

You’ll go to Sierra Title, our preferred Title Company, and sign documents to close on the interim/construction loan so the building process can begin! Homes can take anywhere from 3 months to 6 months to build, depending on size of course, as well as the location.

Step 6

The Final Closing

3-4 weeks prior to finishing the construction of your home, we’ll start to gather up all of your updated information such as paystubs, bank statements, tax returns/w2s, and anything else we may need according to the mortgage lender in order to close on your mortgage.

You finally get the keys to your one-of-a kind Newmark Custom home!

*Mortgage Insurance costs may apply and are not included in the estimated payments reflected here.

Total estimated monthly payment

Principal and interest $856
Taxes $409
Insurance $0

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